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Wild Planet – Candle


Luxury Scented Candles 

Limelight is an ENERGISING blend of 100% pure essential oils including Lime, Bergamot and Lemongrass.  A fresh, clean scent to infuse your day with bright, lasting energy and help your focus.

Awaken is a REVIVING blend of 100% pure essential oil of May Chang, Eucalyptus and Ginger.  This one is chosen if you feel overworked or super tired – it will revive your spirits, recharge your batteries and raise your spirits.

Forest Bathing with woody notes and mossy undertones, the familiar scent of woodland foliage and forest floors, appealing to both women and men. With juniper needle, American cedarwood and Canadian black spruce with hints of Siberian fir and eucalyptus.  A soothing scent to help you de-stress!

Mood Boost is an UPLIFTING scent packed full of feel-good juicy essential oils our Mood Boost includes lime, mandarin and rosemary to help sharpen your mind and instil positive thoughts.

Escape The perfect MEDITATION fragrance with an aromatic woody blend of sacred Frankincense, Patchouli and Cedarwood to help bring a sense of inner peace and harmony.

Luxury Scented Candles – the details.

  • Hand poured with non toxic, pesticide, herbicide GM free soy wax
  • Natural cotton wick
  • 100% pure essential oils – no synthetic fragrance oils
  • Packaged in a black box with made from recycled paper and card, also recyclable
  • Tied with black grosgrain ribbon
  • Minimum forty fragrant hours of burn time

Also available as Reed Diffusers and Wax Melts.



With crisp, sharp, zesty notes from juicy citrus fruits (we source our lime oil from Mexico, we think their limes are extra juicy – if they are good enough for mojitos….)  To finish off this fresh fragrance,  lemongrass is added for depth and staying power.

It can be used in just about any space – whether it’s the office, living room, kitchen, cloakroom or hallway – it’s certainly top of the list if you need an aroma to permeate wet dogs and teenagers.

Forest Bathing:

With woody notes and mossy undertones, the familiar scent of woodland foliage and forest floors, appealing to both women and men. With juniper needle, American cedarwood and Canadian black spruce with hints of Siberian fir and eucalyptus

A grounding and soothing scent to help you de-stress and the perfect antidote to busy lives. Breathing in this fragrance will remind you of the peace and tranquility of walking through a forest and help you connect more easily to nature.


An inspiring, tranquil blend full of ancient mysticism. Inspired by the fragrant smoke and ritual burning of incense from ancient temples and churches around the world.

A deep woody base with an aromatic heart blended with frankincense, cedarwood and patchouli essential oils, that perfectly captures the mystery of these sacred places. One of our favourite candles to use whilst meditating.

This tranquil scent will help elevate your mind and uplift your spirits, inspiring feelings of tranquility and ideal to use in your meditation practice.

Mood Boost:

There are certain fragrances that put an extra spring in your step and this uplifting, fresh and very juicy scent is one of them with mandarin, lime and rosemary essential oils.

Bright notes from these vibrant oils will help you feel more uplifted with enlivening properties to offer a little sunshine and positivity into your home or office.


A rejuvenating blend to pep yourself up, with a restorative fragrance that will fill your home with a fresh, stimulating and lively scent.  Breathing in notes of zingy ginger and the unmistakable, but subtle hint of eucalyptus you know this fragrance is going to be good for you.

You’ll notice some lemony notes coming through due to our generous amount of zesty May Chang.  A berry type fruit grown on mainland China with similar properties to lemon and really gives this blend a boost.

Also available as Reed Diffusers and Wax Melts.

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Limelight, Awaken, Mood Boost, Escape, Forest Bathing

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