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Majestic Castle Lion Door Knocker – Solid Brass


The Lion Head symbolises Courage, Strength and Excellence.  Justice, Wisdom, Pride and Dignity also walk alongside this majestic token. Truly impressive!

This stunning solid brass Majestic Regency style Lion Door Knocker, is a real ‘statement piece’. With an ornate circular beater around its edge it will make a lasting impression when sited on a grand door.

  • Made in the UK.
  • Traditionally sand cast brass, hand polished.
  • Impressive statement piece.
  • Solid and unlacquered to take on a vintage patina over time.
  • Vegan and cruelty free!

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The majestic Regency style Castle Lion Door Knocker is certainly a statement piece.  This monumental door knocker is very large and would normally be considered too big for a standard front door and would 0nly be suitable for a large door in a grand façade.

Molten brass is poured into sand moulds formed using an antique pattern.
When cool, the casts are hand finished and polished with an unlacquered finish.
This traditional foundry method, produces an authentic antique style, which is not machine finished.

This monumental door knocker is very large and would normally be considered to big for a standard front door. Sand cast in solid brass from an original antique pattern which gives this Regency style door knocker a beautiful and antique look.

Dimensions.  220mm (8½”) wide by 240mm (9½”) high.
It stands out 70mm (2¾”) from the door.
Weighs a hefty 4¼kg approx so if you need International Shipping, please drop us an email for estimate.

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