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Jane Hogben Espresso Mug ~ Little Black and White Cat


The most beautiful little Espresso Mug by Jane Hogben Pottery.  Handmade in England featuring a stunning hand painted black and white Cat.

Each piece that comes out of this Buckinghamshire based pottery is painted with a stunning, country-house colour-palette which sits so prettily in your kitchen or on a dresser, especially when you have a few of them!

Dimensions: Standard Mug Approx 70mm.


A beautiful handcrafted Espresso Mug by Jane Hogben Pottery.  This powder blue mug features a adorable little black and white Cat.

Keenly collected and sought after and all in the most complimentary palette.

Approx. 70mm

Please note that as these are individually handmade, they are truly unique & will have variances in shape & paint, which we feel only adds to the charm of this gorgeous range of pottery.

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