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Jane Hogben Dog Bowls – Border Terrier Design


A lifelong passion for pottery.

Jane Hogben has been making decorative terracotta pieces for the home and garden since she left the Central School of Art and Design in 1982.

She works with a team of highly skilled potters and decorators who produce a wide range of ceramics. Each item is lovingly hand crafted and decorated which makes each item both individual and unique which only adds to their charm.


A wonderful dog bowl handmade by the Jane Hogben Pottery in Buckinghamshire, England. These are rare pieces are individually hand-painted, with this one featuring a charming Border Terrier design.

The dog bowls very in size due to them being hand thrown. But their approximate diameter is 15-20cm and the depth varies from 4-7cm.

The shape and colour varies due to the handmade nature of these items, so please be aware of this when you purchase.