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Classic Antique ZigZag Design Galvanised Dolly Tub Garden Planters – Set of 2



Fey Hortus pays homage to a fantastic reproduction, of the traditional Zigzag Dolly Tub. These  Zigzag Dolly Tubs, are made from Galvanised Metal with the most perfect measurements, mirroring the genuine Dolly Washing Tub.

They are perfect for creating a stunning display for your garden, courtyard or doorstep! Planted up with Olive or Bay topiary or even the prettiest Ornamental Cherry Blossom, these Tubs are quite the statement piece!

Larger Tub: Height 54cm, Width 48cms and Diameter 48cms

Smaller Tub: Height 48cms, Width 41cms and Diameter 41cms

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A fantastic reproduction of the traditional Zigzag Dolly Tubs

Larger one Height 54cms x Width 48cms x Diameter 48cms

Smaller one Height 48cms x Width 41cms x Diameter 41cms

Made from durable Galvanised Metal

The ideal statement planter for an ornamental tree

Parcel Force 48hr delivery FREE

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