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Anna Wright Height Chart


Watch your precious ones grow and measure them against this Anna Wright Wall Height Chart Sticker.

No need for nails and no marks on your walls. This features a slew of our favourite animals: giraffe, owl, penguin, goose, bee and a mouse. Each animal will capture your favourite’s fancy and are wonderfully expressive.

In stock


  • Anna Wright
  • Height Chart
  • 21 x 100 cm high
  • Peel and place
  • Re-positionable sticky fabric vinyl
  • Eco friendly inks
  • Printed in the UK

Animals are Anna Wright’s main focus and she uses bold inky lines to capture their humour and character adding fabric & feathers to bring colour & texture to her drawings. If the mood is right the images are signed off with a witty caption adding to the joy of the creation.

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