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Julie Brunn

About our Artist in Residence, Julie BRUNN.
* Passionate * Caring * Motivated *
From animal keeper to renowned International Animal Artist.

Julie was born in Middlesbrough in 1977 but grew up in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. 

Having qualified with a Fine Art Degree in 2000, she went on to follow a career in web based Graphic Design. However, her passion and interest in animals, created a much stronger desire, so she changed her career path totally and followed her heart, and became an animal keeper at Longleat Safari Park and at Monkey World. Through both of these fantastic placements, she became fascinated with the movement and expression of exotic animals and began painting again!

To great acclaim, she became a finalist at the very prestigious, David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year, for the years 2018 and 2019, at the Mall Galleries in London.

She now exhibits in several Galleries around the world and her paintings are much sought after. This is an Artist that you should follow and definitely snap up her work where you can!